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The latest Brand Locking

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For Consumers

The big brands have a new tool to lock consumers to their brand.  The Amazon dash button uses the Amazon one click ordering to ship you more of a specific brand.  Place the little button by where you keep paper towels.  When you are running low, push the button and an amazon order is placed.  Right now the program is by invitation only for Amazon Prime members.

For Marketers

What does this mean for marketers.  Well if you are not with one of the big brands it is going to mean that your challenge with amazon as a channel just got harder.  Fear not, there are other ways to grow your brand in the space.  One example is the awesome team over at the dollar shave club.

For Hackers

This is going to be fun.  I wonder how long it is going to take someone to crack this device and use it as a remote for Raspberry Pi?  Shout out to Mark @ happen street.  I am sure he will be among the first to crack it.