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Transparency in Physician Payments

Open PaymentThe Open Payments Data system from the CMS is available online.  You can access the system (account needed - but free to sign up) with THIS LINK. As part of the effort to increase transparency between Pharmaceutical companies and their payments to Physicians the CMS database (still in beta) allows the general public to see what payments were made to which physicians.  The system is robust supporting a ton of ways to slice the data or even export the data (using their API) into your own analysis tool.

Because this system has so much you will find a $9,645,117 payment from Genentech and a $13.52 payment for travel expense in the system.

Users can also conduct a search on a specific physician.  Put in some basic details like Name and State to get any information the system has on payments to a specific physician.

This is still in BETA and the disclaimer is clear:

"This is a beta release of a search tool to improve the ability of users to search the data. The beta release of this search tool only searches identified data. Additional enhancements will be released in upcoming versions, including summary data, visualizations, the ability to search de-identified data, and more. The datasets are large and the search tool searches millions of records. For some searches the results will take some time to load, please be patient."

JUST TO BE CLEAR: "Open Payments does not identify which financial relationships are beneficial or which may cause conflicts of interest."