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Spending time with Surface :-(


I have been trying to get the Surface is some condition so that it might be usable.
There are a few minimum requirements that any tablet should be able to do in order to be considered.
Below are 11 apps that are drop dead minimum in order to be a usable tablet.  The Apple iPad and Google’s Android systems have these and much more.  The only one that is currently available on the Microsoft Surface is Stumble.


  • Zite
  • Huffington Post
  • RSS Reader

I am trying out the surface from Microsoft.  I am trying to keep an open mind.  I love my iPad.  I also have grown very fond of the Nexus 7.  While there are some things that I think can be improved on the Nexus, overall the $199 tablet from Google rocks.

I will post more about the experience later, but while the brand new unit figures out that it is on the same network it was yesterday I thought I would put this blog post out.

What you see above is the error that the surface tablet can’t find the driver for its own wireless adapter.  

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